Stories That Change Behavior


  • When you are told a story, your whole brain lits up

    When bombarded with chunks of data only some parts of your brain are engaged. And the most if it is forgotten shortly after. But when told a story your whole brain is active. In trying to imagine the same world as the storyteller, the viewer/listener/reader invests. And with investment comes trust.

  • Don´t change people, change the environment

    Friction and energy. To basic things to have in mind when trying to change peoples behaviors. First Reduce friction: How can we make this transition as easy as possible? How can we put new norms in place so that following them will be the most easy and natural thing? Second Increase energy: Emotion is energy. […]

  • Data doesn´t help you make decisions, emotions do

    Emotions helps you value the information that you perceive. And they guide you in the intersection on what to do with it. Stimulus – response. Often when you think that your choice is based on data that you have read, the real decision has already been taken. You are often just trying to rationalize that […]